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For those of you who don’t know I did an interview with the Anime Themed Driven band SS HANAMI who performed at the Grand Brony Gala last year (You can see the interview HERE). Well this year the Grand Brony Gala back and i’m joining forces with them once again. So the first thing I wanted to do was a follow up interview with them and see what they have been up to since the festivities came to an end and they have certainly been keeping themselves busy. They got a new album coming out, they just shot they’re first music video and we ask them a MAJOR QUESTION. So pull up a chair, grab some sushi and lets catch up with SS HANAMI.


Nation it gives me great joy to announce my latest guest on “Interviews from The Pit”, MICHELLE CREBER. She is mostly known for being the voice of AppleBloom on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” but she has quite the musical background in not just singing but theater as well. I can’t believe all that she does at such a young age and how well she handles it. I mean doing voice acting, theater, and concerts has got to take it’s toll on anybody and yet she handles it like a pro. It is rather amazing and I think the fact that her family are all musicians helps a lot. Not to mention one of her collaborators Gabe Brown (AKA Black Gryph0n) also comes from a musical upbringing. So please pull up a chair and grab some Apple cider as I interview MICHELLE CREBER


HERE IT IS NATION!!! My William Control interview and contest. This guy was great to me and my camera guy Matt Hickman. We actually filmed this twice, the first time the lighting was too dark but he was gracious enough to do it a second time. This man puts on a killer show with a fantastic lighting display that fits the tone of music and he’s quite passionate about literature too. He also autographed a poster for me to give away as a contest prize so if you want to enter watch the video HERE to find out. So pull up a chair, grab a beer, and check out my interview with WILLIAM CONTROL!!!


Here it is Nation, the long awaited Interview & contest with NONPOINT. I gotta tell you this show was a lot of fun, they bring an upbeat and positive energy that you don’t see in many metal bands and to give you an example of what I mean. I saw something at this show that I have NEVER seen at any other concert with some of the more big named bands. The security guards got a Nonpoint chant going….YES I SAID THAT! This band is so amusing that the guards of the venue stood up along the barricade and got the crowd to chant the band’s name. Their first hit What A Day was such a hit it got them on OZZFEST back in 2001 where they made a music video for Endure . Since then they have done Shiprocked, OZZFEST 2010, Download, and even Rock On The Range. They are a band that is just fun to have around and deserves more credit then what they get. So kick back and enjoy my interview with Elias Soriano from nonpoint .

Gemini Syndrome

I am pleased to show you my latest interview with Brian Steele Medina of “Gemini Syndrome”. These guys are a great band and show a ton potential with both sound and imagery. They manage to walk the line between metal and hard/Alternative rock so perfectly and have a stage set up that very attractive for such a brand new band. And they almost didn’t didn’t perform due to a medical emergency the singer had but, being the professionals that they are, they managed to pull through and was able to continue on with the show. So what does they’re stage set up look like? What happened to the singer? And where did their imagery come from? Grab a beer, pull up a chair, and watch as I interview Brian Medina of Gemini Syndrome


Well here it is, my long awaited interview with BUTCHER BABIES! Due to technical difficulties the first interview came out horrible and the band was gracious enough to grant me a second interview. These guys are an amazing band with heavy influences from Meshuggah and Wendy O’Williams, they combine melodic melodies over brutal music and topped it all off with personality that demands respect, They just finished touring on Mayhem and they hope to one day not only do it again but to tour with some of the greats. So how did Wendy O’Williams inspire them? What greats do they want to tour with? Well Grab a beer, pull up a chair and kick back as I interview one of the fastest growing metal bands BUTCHER BABIES

Kamp Crystal Lake

As much as I love Rock & Metal I have always stood by the fact that the Magic, Fun, and Excitement of concerts is for ALL GENERAS! I don’t care if your Country, Pop or Rap which brings me to my latest guest KAMP CRYSTAL LAKE. There is one Genera of Rap I can deffinantly get behind and thats HORROR RAP. I love a Good Horror Movie and these guys manage to take horror stories and put them in songs. They even manage to splice in references from classic horror films as well as some of their own horror stories. And even told me how to write lyrics for horror songs. They even opened for my friend Ari Lehman of FIRST JASON and I knew I had to get an interview with these guys. This was filmed at FINAL FEAR in Blasdell NY which is a Great Horror Attraction worth checking out if you want a GREAT SCARE. So how do you rite horror lyrics? What was it like opening for The FIRST JASON? And who do they want to open up for before Jason Voorhees kills them? Take a seat, and Grab your Machete as I talk to  Kamp Crystal Lake.

JOHNNY DAVY (Job For A Cowboy)

Recently I had a chance to cover this year’s MAYHEM FEST where I had access to the photo pit and was chosen by two bands to conduct an interview with. The First is Johnny Davy singer for “Job For A CowBoy”. He is a really solid down to earth guy who take his craft very seriously in fact he doesn’t even like to sing about typical death metal topics like Gore and Death. So wwhat does he like to sign about? How does he and his bandmates train themselves to play such brtual music? Well grab a beer and pull up a chair as I interview Job For A Cowboy’s Johnny Davy!

Ari Lehman The “First Jason” Voorhees

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the First Man to ever play the Iconic Killer Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th, that little boy who popped out of the water and scared the hell out of us ARI LEHMAN! I am proud to say that this man is a friend of mine and, started his own musical project called “First Jason” (Get It?) Where he sings about the Fan Fic life on Jason Voorhees. He has been touring across the country with this new band where he plays the most metal instrument I have ever scene “THE MACHETE KEYTAR” to wide collective audience from music such as Metal, Punk, Rock to film genera fans like horror and comedy. He has even played in Germany. His music is truly unique and one of a kind. So what does Ari think about being such an Icon in horror even he had a small role? What has been the crowds reaction to this new musical act? What was the funniest thing that he has even scene at show? Find out now as I interview my friend Ari Lehman “First Jason” Voorhees