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INKcarceration 2018


I just got some great news. There is an AMAZING music festival coming to Ohio called INKCARCERATION 2018!

Not only do you have this Kick Ass line up but it’s also a tattoo celebration. Over 70 tattoos artist will be there ready to ink anybody but the best part….It’s held in the SHAWSHANK PRISON!!!….THAT IS THE MOST METAL AS FUCK THING EVER! You can even take a tours of the place. For more info and tickets go to

Video Game Soundtracks


Cruizer here and I recently got the game MineCraft (yeah I know i’m late to the party) but the soundtrack was just incredible. It’s soothing, mysterious, adventurous, and retro without it sounding huge or new agey. (You can listen to it HERE) and I got to thinking of some of the great video game soundtracks. So in no particular order here are 3 of my favorites.


First up we got “SpiderMan: Maximum Carnage




The music to this game is really up beat and energizing which is very fitting considering it’s a side scrolling beat’em up. It was also made by the worst band in the world….GREEN JELLŸ and they didn’t do just one song. They did the entire thing. Even did a cover of the Mob Rules by BLACK SABBATH.  They were also the first band to soundtrack a video game and this particular game is one of LJN’s few decent games which I find absolutely hysterical. The Worst Band in the world, teams up with the Worst Video Game Publisher in the world and BRINGS US A GAME THATS meh.



While the game itself is fun it is rather difficult but that’s ok because you get some amazingly creepy chip tunes in this classic game. You get a wide range of erie music. From stuff that just feels uneasy to down right evil as you kill of not only zombies but all kinds of monsters. I just found this interview with the game’s composer Joe McDermott and it’s worth a read.

Next we have Sonic Thed Hedgehog. Which one? Take your pick!


While the franchise has had it’s ups and downs you can not deny how good the music was in virtually every game. Heck even the bad games has some killer tunes and even had some pretty sweet guests artist such as Crush 40, Cash Cash, Jaret Reddick, and even the king of pop himself MICHAEL JACKSON! I am not making this up. He composed the music for Sonic 3 but didn’t like the sound chip so he wanted his name then off (no wonder why it sounds so good). What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below and get ready because FORT ROCK is coming at the end of next month.




New (to me) Musick: Fort Rock


As most of you know I do a show for Green JelloVision called WTF MUSICK NEWS and recently I decided to add a new segment to it called “New (to me) Musick”. Where I listen to bands and songs that I personally have not heard. So tomorrow I will be listening to the opening acts for this year’s FORT ROCK FESTIVAL. So be sure to tune in today at 9 PM(ish) East Coast time for WTF MUSICK NEWS & New (to me) Musick. Only on Green JelloVision

Texas Hippie Coalition


The is the Concert Cruizer and I am just buzzing with excitement with Fort Rock coming to my neck of the woods and to celebrate I wanna talk about one of the bands on appearing at the show. Members of the nation I give you the TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION

Ride On album cover

Texas Hippie Coalition or sometimes THC…….(hehehe) are a metal band from Denison Texas and damn good one at that. Their style of metal has a Southern twist to it which is FANTASTIC because it’s one of elements that makes them unique. Seriously listen to EL DIABLO ROJO and tell me you’re gonna confuse them for some other band! The last time I heard a Southern Metal band sound this good is when The Showdown released their sophomore album Temptation Come My Way. Another thing working in their favor is the singer “Big Dad Ritch”. This guy is a character. Occasionally he will tell humorous stories during their set about his life and being on the road. When I saw them with FOZZY he told this tale of hiding weed on Fozzy’s bus so when the police would search a bus with the letters THC on it they wouldn’t find any. Another good one was when he told a story about going to a topless bar. He goes “now when I go to a titty bar I travel smart. I go with No Money……I tell them young woman i’m a musician. I don’t make any money. I’m here for the popcorn and the tunes”.

This guy is one hell of an entertainer. He even signed my CD booklet during a performance. I’m not making this up. When I saw them at Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale I was told he wasn’t gonna sign after the show so I held up my CD Booklet for Ride on and it was during the guitar solo he took it from me and signed it. THATS A COOL GUY and so was everyone else in the band. They were hanging out after the show and they all signed my booklet too. Texas Hippie Coalition is a very unique band with a distinct sound and personality. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed and I can’t wait to see them again at FORT ROCK 2018. Until next time nation STAY LOUD!




Sorry for not being active but my step Dad had a seizure and we have been tacking care of him. He is now back home with his family and is doing much better. Now it’s time for things to go back to normal and I have some exciting news…..THE LINE UP FOR FORT ROCK 2018 HAS BEEN REVEALED AND IS COMING TO MY NECK OF THE WOODS. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I GIVE YOU FORT ROCK 2018!!!!

Fort Rock 2018 Line Up

I have been waiting for years hoping a festival like this to come to my area (yeah there’s SunFest but they don’t get many artists like this) and just look at this kick ass line up! Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, ShineDown, Ozzy Osbourne, Breaking Benjamin, Stone Sour, Killswitch Engage, Sevendust. HOLY SHIT!!! This is going to be awesome!!! Tickets go on Sale December 8th and the run down on ticket prices are as follows

Weekend General Admission: $99.50 + fees


Weekend VIP: $299.00 + fees


Single Day General Admission: $75.00 + fees


Single Day VIP: $175.00 + fees
For more information head on over to and get ready for a Weekend thats gonna ROCK!!!!!!





The week has finally come to an end and the first week-in-review of my new series WTF MUSICK NEWS for the comedy punk rock band GREEN JELLO is on youtube right now. Complete with edits, music, bumpers, and animation sequences. So sit back and enjoy WTF MUSICK NEWS WEEK-IN-REVIEW and in un related news. My dear friend Creature Suit Actor, Martial Artist and DARTH VADER from Star War Rouge One SPENCER WILDING will be at Orlando MegaCon

Darth Vader (Left) Spencer Wilding (Right)

Spencer will be at Orlando Megacon May 25-28 signing autographs and taking pictures with fans along other fellow Star Wars actor Ray Park who portrayed DARTH MAUL in Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. Also scheduled to appear are other Mega Stars like Stan Lee, Tim Curry, Iron Mike Tyson, Norman Reedus, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Meat Loaf and tons of others. Check the links above and get your tickets now and get ready for the ultimate nerd weekend. Thats it for nation and until next time STAY LOUD!




It’s been a long time but that’s because I have been working my dear friend Bill Manspeaker of the comedy punk rock band GREEN JELLO to help develop his own internet channel where I will be doing a new daily show called WTF MUSICK NEWS.

WTF Musick News


This is a musical satire show that picks up where MTV left off and my character (Justan Fanboi) talks about some of the news in the music industry that just makes you go WTF!? As well as taking jabs at internet trolls but still talk about some good news within the music world. It airs live every day a 9 PM East Coast Time and you can watch it on the Green Jello Facebook Page. Great things are on the rise and I want to take you all with me. Be sure to give the page a like and be sure to tune in every night. Until next time Nation STAY LOUD! \m/ \m/

VR Concerts?


OK I recently came across an article about VR Concerts. Now for the uninitiated VR stands for Virtual Reality. Its the new trend thats in the entertainment world and it brings the action of (for example) a video game closer. You get to see through the eyes of the character and is often times in 3-D. You can get a full on 360 degree view of the area your character is in. Plus this new technology is now being put into apps.  You can play a shooting game or go on a diving simulator. I personally have one for my phone and its amazing but now there is talk about adding concerts to this and to be honest…I’m not sure if this is good or bad. Festival tours have been reduced to 1 city, weekend, shows and this would bring them closer to the concert experience.

That being said I have no telling if you’ll get a full view of the stage? How far back from the stage will the view be? Will the sound quality be any good? What if there’s buffering issues? So as of right now it’s too soon to tell. I have not had a chance to test something like this out but i’d say its worth giving it a chance. I personally prefer being there but I do know that trying to make it to these shows has become rather difficult. Full weekend tickets are at least three figures and there’s travel, food, lodging, parking and if you have any money left over, a souvenir. So this would be a good way to get closer to the experience. So lets see what happens and until next Nation…STAY LOUD!

HAPPY NEW YEAR (DIO Hologram Tour?)


2016 has finally come to an end and we sadly lost a lot of people but thats all behind us. Let us look to the future with an open mind and commit to our new years resolution. Like mine is to get healthy and be more active with my website. So lets start with some interesting news. Remember the Ronnie James DIO hologram at Wacken Open Air? Well he just might be going on tour. Now a lot of you might be thinking that’s lame, or its exploiting his image, or any other negative term you can think of but me?……Im ok with this.

I used to think that doing something like this would exploit the entertainer until a friend of mine asked me “how is it any different from a tribute band”? And I had no good answer for him. Thats when I started re think every negative thing that has been said about this and I think we’ve been over reacting. I wasn’t lucky enough to see DIO when he was still alive. So something like this will be the best way to experience his show and the music itself would still be live. Plus I don’t know if he had stage theatrics but if he did this would be a great way to experience them. So don’t look at it like a concert. Think of it as seeing a spectacle and a chance to experience what we missed out on. You can read more about it HERE. Welcome to 2017 and until next time nation STAY LOUD!